About our Teachers

About our Instructors at Braven Music School in Anoka and Ramsey, MN
Mr. Barry Cole ~ Musician extraordinaire and teacher
Barry has been playing music since he was 10 years old, performing in rock bands as a singer/guitarist, bassist or drummer for 30 years and has been for 18 years. His first instrument was the drums where he learned to play by ear. As an adult he attended college for music and theater where he won Actor of the Year the early 90’s.Mr. Barry Cole is fluent in all rock band instruments including voice, guitar, bass, drums and piano (recently he has added accordion and ukulele to his arsenal).  He started Braven music School in 1996 and partnered with Lord of Life Lutheran Church to offer music lessons in Ramsey MN in 2003 and has been teaching music lessons in Anoka and Ramsey MN ever since.
Barry is a performer and a kid at heart, our students love Barry as he is fun and energetic, so don’t worry about boredom during music lessons.  From paid personality to Elected Communications Director for the MN State Board of Community Colleges ~ now father ~ Barry has learned many teaching and performance techniques to be able to be a diversified teacher to accommodate all learning styles.He can manage energetic kids, is patient with shy kids and can be creative with the students that need more than just books to learn by.  Mr. Barry Cole believes in a combination style of teaching with music books, theory books and learning by ear as well.  He believes this approach gives a person a well rounded education to be able to eventually write their own music. His teaching style has been so successful, Braven Music is now an approved Adaptive Music Lesson school in Anoka County!
Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi at Pink Diamond
The Amazing Elijah Adams has joined our team!
Elijah is a breath taking guitarist that is wonderful with kids, he has 5 of his own, so he knows lots of techniques to manage kids! He is available on Wednesdays as he gigs up to 5 days a week. Elijah teaches beginning to advanced guitar lessons that focuses heavily on theory. Hurry now to book your lessons before he books up! 
This original feature of our school readies the student to be able to perform on their own or even become a music teacher themselves! What our students learn here is 35 years of knowledge!  
Our mission is to teach applied music well enough to achieve a skill that will provide enjoyment and emotional expression throughout their life.


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