Monthly archives: July, 2016

MN Disabled Veterans Fishing Celebration 2016

Braven Music School is donating our time to provide the music at the MN Disabled Veterans Fishing Celebration August 3rd from 10am to 4pm.

We would like to give thanks to the people who gave their limbs and risked their lives for us. If you would like to donate time or money please contact John or Bonnie Enstrom here:

The Disabled Veterans need 2 able men on each side to be allowed to fish by the VA, so time and fishing poles and bait are greatly appreciated. There is also a fish fry picnic following the fishing.

If you know of a disable Vet that would like to come PLEASE invite them and bring them, John and the committee would like to get the word out as it is hard to invite everyone due to HIPPA laws…

Thank you!



Anoka County Fair 2016

We will be playing the Beer Gardens Stage at the Anoka County Fair, THIS SATURDAY, July 30th from 1 to 5 pm!

We are honored to be given this opportunity and are so excited to be able to offer the experience to play one of the largest county fairs in the whole state! Just imagine that this all started from playing on our float in the Anoka Grand Day Parade where the Chairman of the Holiday in Lights Committee thought we would be a great fit to volunteer the music to raise food and toys for the less fortunate for Christmas – So we did!   🙂 Thank you Tammy!

Around 40,000 people come to the Anoka County fair and on the day that we will be playing, the Flying aces will be doing their stunt show at 1pm and 7pm check out their link!

also GB Leighton will be playing at 8pm! What a great day to play the Anoka County Fair!

Braven Music School ROCKS!

Be brave with you’re music, be BRAVEN