Monthly archives: November, 2015

Holiday in Lights Event at Anoka County Fair

The Holiday in Lights Committee sent us a very nice thank  you letter for all of our students and staff’s hard work. We are very proud of all of you and proud of how our students, families and staff have worked together to bring music to this wonderful celebration! Thank you guys!

In December 2015 Holiday in Lights drew out over 6,000 families to enjoy Santa, Elsa, the Minions and Elvis. Everyone also enjoyed a hay ride to see all the lights and they danced to lots of Music and The Honey Badgers even Made the ABC Newspaper! Thanks ABC!

Here is a link to this year. Everyone should attend the Holiday in Lights Celebration at least once, it is a free community event and quite an experience!

Braven Music School at the Anoka County Fairgrounds - Holiday in Lights 2015

The Honey Badgers with Grant Gantter Higgins, Alexander George, Chris Stauffer, Sean Peters and Instructor Barry Cole




2015 Anoka Halloween Parade

Thank you First Choice Towing for sponsoring us with the use of your tow truckfor the Anoka Halloween Parade ~ that is GREATLY appreciated and thank you to all the families and students that came out to help set up and walk with us!!! We know that this is a big chore, but so great for the kids to play the Grand Day Parade in front of all their friends and family!!!

The Anoka Halloween Parade was a success and we were even in the ABC ewspaper!!! you have to scroll through the photos in this link to see Grant, there are some great pics and Grant is near the end 🙂

Anoka Halloween Parade

Rock on boys!